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The meridian project is introduced
Time:2021-04  |  From:admin

Eastern hemisphere space environment foundation integrated monitoring meridian chain major national science and technology infrastructure projects - eastern hemisphere space environment foundation integrated monitoring meridian chain along the east longitude 120 °) (hereinafter referred to as meridian project near meridian, using north at mohe, after Beijing, wuhan, south to hainan and extend to the South Pole in October, and the east Shanghai, wuhan, chengdu, west to Lhasa along the north latitude 30 ° latitude lines near the existing 15 monitoring stations, built a network combination is given priority to with chain, chain, using the geomagnetic (electric), a variety of means such as radio, optical, and sounding rockets,Continuous monitoring more than 20 ~ 30 km of the earth's surface to hundreds of kilometers of the upper atmosphere, ionosphere and the magnetosphere, as well as a dozen outside radius of the earth's environment of interplanetary space the earth's magnetic field, electric field, upper atmospheric wind field, density, temperature and composition, ionosphere, magnetosphere, and related parameters in the interplanetary space, the joint operation of large space environment monitoring system of foundation.

Construction content:

The meridian project is planned to be completed within 3 years, and three major systems for space environment monitoring, data and communication, research and prediction will be built:

Ø space environment monitoring system

System consists of geomagnetic (electric) subsystem, wireless subsystem and optical subsystem and the comprehensive monitoring subsystem, sounding rockets used to monitor the roc east longitude 120 ° and north latitude 30 ° latitude meridian chain of space environment over the line.

Ø data and communications systems

The system consists of communication network subsystem and database subsystem.System with large dedicated database as the core, with the scientific data and transaction management system for the computer as the main facilities, use of common or related business department dedicated communication network as the main information, match with connection stations to the backbone of the meridian meridian project engineering, dedicated subnet is a user-oriented, can realize the data exchange platform for the scientific support.

Ø research and forecasting system

The system consists of scientific operation subsystem, research modeling subsystem and forecasting service subsystem.Scientific operation subsystem includes scientific operation office, international cooperation office, multi-function demonstration hall and academic activity hall.The research modeling subsystem includes research and modeling virtual platform (research platform, modeling platform) and special high-performance computing platform.Forecasting service subsystem includes civil forecasting service platform and so on.


1. The completion of the meridian project will enable China to rapidly step into the ranks of advanced countries with important international influence in the field of foundation monitoring of space environment and play a leading (or central) role in Asia for decades.

2. After the completion of the meridian project, it is of great scientific significance and application value to give full play to China's geographical advantages, obtain environmental data of the low ionosphere and thermosphere areas that are not detectable by balloons and satellites, understand the space weather change rules over China and forecast.

3. In line with the principle of "construction, operation and output at the same time", the meridian project has provided space environment forecast, alert and report for shenzhou-8, shenzhou-9 and tiangong-1, and other major space launch missions.The completion of the meridian project will greatly improve China's space weather forecasting ability and service level, strongly support China's space science to make major and original achievements, and make important contributions to enhancing China's space activity capacity and ensuring the safety of space activities.

Meridian project lanzhou station

From January 19 to 20, 2018, the national ziwu engineering expert group made a special trip to investigate the semi-arid climate and environment observation station (SACOL) of lanzhou university, inspected the infrastructure conditions of the observation station in detail, and discussed in depth the issues related to the construction of lanzhou central station in the second phase of the national ziwu project.According to the expert group, the SACOL station of lanzhou university has perfect infrastructure and has the hardware conditions and talent foundation to build the second phase center of ziwu project.

In the survey, experts of the national meridian project introduced the meridian project and related scientific research issues, including the construction process, system composition and the second phase of the meridian project.The history and current situation of the research on middle and high atmospheric gas field at home and abroad and the related information of China's gas field observation network;Application of atomic and molecular high resolution spectroscopy in detecting temperature, density and wind field in middle and upper atmosphere.