Yan Hongru's Homepage

Yan Hongru (闫虹如)

Doctor Candidate
College of Atmospheric Sciences
Lanzhou University

Phone: +86-931-5292611
Email: yhr.lzu@gmail.com

Mailing Address :
College of Atmospheric Sciences,
Lanzhou University
Lanzhou, 730000, China

Link: Full Vita





  • Visiting Scholar
    09/2011 – present, Earth System Science Interdisciplinary Center (ESSIC), University of Maryland, USA.
  • Doctor Candidate in Meteorology
    09/2008– present, College of Atmospheric Sciences, Lanzhou University,Lanzhou, China.
  • B.S. in Meteorology
    09/2004 -- 06/2008, College of Atmospheric Sciences, Lanzhou University,
    Lanzhou, China

      Research Interests

  • Satellite products validation
  • Cloud and aerosol interaction



        English Journal:

  • Yan, H., J. Huang, P. Minnis, T. Wang, J. Bi, 2011: Comparison of CERES surface radiation fluxes with surface observations over Loess Plateau, Remote Sensing of Environment, 115, 1488-1499, doi:10.1016/j.rse.2011.02.008
  • Huang, J., P. Minnis, H. Yan, Y. Yi, B. Chen, L. Zhang, J. K. Ayers, 2010: Dust aerosol effect on semi-arid climate over Northwest China detected from A-Train satellite measurements, Atmos. Chem. Phys., 10, 6863-6872.
  • Huang, J., M. He, H. Yan, B. Zhang, J. Bi, Q. Jin, 2010: A study of liquid water path and precipitable water vapor in Lanzhou area using ground-based microwave radiometer. Chinese Journal of Atmospheric Sciences, 34(3): 548-558. (in Chinese)



         International Symposium

  • Yan H. et al., 92nd American Meteorological Society (AMS) Annual Meeting, 22-26 Jan. New Orleans, Louisiana , USA(Presentation).
  • Yan H. et al. The 2nd International Symposium on Atmospheric Light Scattering and Remote Sensing (ISALSaRS‘2011), 20-24 Jun., 2011, Lanzhou, China(Poster).