Science Team

SACOL's working groups are the principal organizational structure within the Science Team. These groups, focused by sub-discipline, provide a forum for SACOL scientists to help shape the program direction and collaborate with each other.


    Dr.Jianping HUANG   (SACOL's Chief Scientist)
    Dr.Wu ZHANG           (SACOL's Operational Manager)
    Guanghong FENG     (Chief Technician)
    Peijian FU           Chongjian QIU     Wenshou TIAN     Shigong WANG     Jiuyi YUAN     Lei ZHANG
    Wenyu ZHANG    Beidou ZHANG     Xin WANG             Jianrong BI           Jinsen SHI


    Prof. Jifan CHOU
    Prof. Congbin FU, Chair ;Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Science
    Dr. Qiang Fu, University of Washington
    Dr. Ronghui Huang, Institute of Atmospheric Physics
    Dr. Qiang Ji, University of Maryland
    Dr. Zhanqing Li, University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland
    Dr. Daren Lu, Institute of Atmospheric Physics
    Dr. Qilong Min, University at Albany, State University of New York
    Dr. Si-Chee Tsay, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
    Dr. Wei-Chyung Wang, University at Albany, State University of New York
    Dr. Guoxiong Wu, Institute of Atmospheric Physics
    Dr. Jianmin Xu, National Satellite Meteorological Center