Mobile Facility

SACOL Mobile Facility(SMF) was designed for monitoring dust storm, and other extreme climate & environment events. The instruments include:
  1) surface radiation;
  2) meteorological parameters;
  3) surface fluxes;
  4) soil heat and moisture;
  5) aerosol optical properties;
  6) Lidar;
  7) sky conditions.


SACOL(Semi-Arid Climate and Environment Observatory of Lanzhou University) is supported by Lanzhou University and operated by College of Atmospheric Sciences. It is an international research observatory and led by Dr. Jianping Huang (Chief Scientist) and Dr. Wu Zhang (Operational Manager). SACOL consists of a large set of instruments.

    Focus on:

  • Monitoring of long term tendencies in climate changes;
  • Monitoring of the aerosol effect on water cycle;
  • Studies of interaction between land surface and atmosphere;
  • Improving the climate model; Validation of space-borne observations;
  • Development and implementation of new measurement techniques;
  • Training of young scientists at post-doc, PhD and master level.


The first China-US joint dust storms observation.
consists of a large set of instruments.
provide details about SACOL's observations.
Dust Storm Research
CMA Dust Weather
include our newest papers.
Experts visiting and Significant Events.

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